Writing and Editing Services

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Plenty of organisations have fantastic marketing messages that never make it to the consumer.  This isn’t because their products or services aren’t what they say they are; neither is it because the marketing messages don’t have the capacity to capture interest.  We find the difficulty lies not so much in what organisations want to say but in how they choose to say it.

In some cases, their copy is too convoluted so the end user gets bamboozled by complex words.  In other cases, the copy isn’t explicit enough and it relies on heavily implied meaning.  Sometimes, it’s just plain boring.  Whatever the problem turns out to be, it results in the same outcome – the reader switches off before their all-important marketing messages get through.

As a communications firm, Thorne Moir specialises in the written word.  We can take your key messages and put them in a form that isn’t just readily digestible to your target market, it’s actually enjoyable to read.  We can produce any kind of copy your organisation requires, from website copy and blogs to build your online presence right through to articles that explore issues your organisation needs to bring to the forefront of your industry’s conversation.

As a client-driven organisation, we spend time working with organisations to develop a clear client brief that establishes the style conventions, tone and discourse of the pieces of communication we are commissioned to write.  We have a number of talented writers, each with varying specialties that enable us to match the right communicator with each organisation.

We also understand that many organisations wish to produce their own pieces of communication and we support them in their efforts. We provide editing services and specialise in maintaining the individual ‘voice’ of each organisation.  This means that our suggested corrections are designed to preserve the writing style of the author. We look to tune up what’s in front of us, not just redraft it because the words might not be the ones our editors would have chosen.

In addition, we can offer professional development to organisations wishing to hone their employees’ writing skills and teach them the principles of newsworthiness so they’re selecting the right things to write about.

Contact us today to discuss how we can boost your communication success by writing for you or editing your existing work.