Student at a tertiary level can be very challenging, especially if you are taking a course in a language other than your native one.  The good news is that most learning barriers can be quickly and efficiently overcome once they are identified.  We have developed a comprehensive and informative testing and analysis process that helps students to understand their learning needs and seek out ways to meet them, thereby solving any learning problems they have.

We solve learning problems by providing students the following services: Readiness Testing

Our forensic readiness testing identifies barriers that are likely to prevent you from succeeding in your studies.  We consider a wide range of issues that affect how you are approaching your studies and whether you are handling the pace of your course delivery.

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Once we know what your learner readiness levels are, we are able to analyse these to determine what you need, either from your course delivery or from your own study, to engage with your course and retain the information you’re being taught.

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After analysing the results of your learner readiness and engagement needs testing, we’ll create an Individual Learner Support Program designed to fix any difficulties.  We will also provide you with any assistance you need to implement the program so you get the best results possible.

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