Learner Support

Learner Support 2

Learner readiness testing is marvellous when it reveals that you or your cohort is prepped and ready to go with a new and exciting learning program. But what happens when the testing reveals that there are some issues that need resolving before beginning or in the early stages of learning?

The solution is actually quite simple.  We take the learner readiness report that we generated as part of the testing and create a personalised, easy to follow Individual Support Program that is tailored to you or the member of your cohort in question.  This ISP is designed to resolve the barriers to learning that were revealed through our complex analysis process.

Once you or your cohort members have an ISP, it’s a simple matter of implementing the recommendations within it. ISPs simply don’t work if the learner for whom it is produced doesn’t follow it, so compliance is key. Besides – the purpose of an ISP isn’t just to put out spot fires, it is to build the capability of learners so that their readiness is permanently increased, leaving them able to take on more complex training and job roles, thereby supporting their career development. To this end, we guarantee that our ISPs will improve learner readiness when properly complied with.

Complying with an ISP isn’t hard – especially with the groundwork that we lay for our learners.  We provide workshops that teach all the skills and techniques that every learner needs in order to implement their ISP and we will provide individual coaching in cases where a learner feels they need specific clarification or instruction.

For learners whose barriers are more externally influenced, we also offer short-term counselling and coaching services that enable students to find ways to overcome the challenges they face and excel in their learning goals.  Many learners find it beneficial to talk through their difficulties and work towards achieving their ambitions by cultivating a more mindful approach to their learning, work and personal lives.

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