International Organisation on an international scale is getting more and more demanding, particularly when the native language of your employees isn’t English.  Organisations that want success in the global market invest thousands of dollars in developing their employees’ communication and information retention skills.  Unfortunately, many organisations are struggling to keep up with the communication demands placed on them as they conduct business with other overseas contacts due to poor language mastery and difficulty engaging with training courses designed to improve their communication skills.

We solve these problems by providing organisations with the following services: Learner Readiness Testing (Onsite)

Our forensic readiness testing identifies factors that diminish learner engagement and reduce learner success in an English speaking business environment. The result: an understanding of why your employees are not able to participate in training courses designed to build their communication skills.

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Our unique approach to needs analysis focuses on the critical success factors your cohort must have in place to engage with their communication or work skills courses. The result: a greater understanding of why your cohort is not developing better communication skills despite your investment in them.

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Our Individual Support Programs are tailored to learner needs and remove the barriers to learning identified in our learner readiness analysis. The results: engagement with training programs, higher success rates and greater implementation of learning, all leading to a higher ROI from training investment.

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One specific area of learner support is Communication Mastery.  If your organisation requires your employees to conduct business or learn in English, we can help build their communication skills to bolster their success.  The result: a better bottom line for your organisation due to better negotiation and information retention.

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Our forensic program analysis identifies and corrects communication issues arising from your learning materials that may diminish learner engagement and lower the success rates of your candidates.  The results: higher revenues from repeat and word of mouth business due to the quality of your training materials.

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