Engagement Needs Analysis

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It’s important to realise that getting the best ROI for your training budget isn’t simply a matter of providing training to ready learners.  It’s also about ensuring that your learner cohort is engaged in the learning program you’ve provided for them.

Many continuous improvement organisations spend a significant amount of time and money improving their people because they see professional development as a way to retain and build the capability of talented employees.  To this end, they arrange learner readiness testing to ensure that the people they want to develop are in the best possible position to undertake professional development.

There is, however, a further use for the learner readiness reports that we provide our client organisations. Once this analysis has been done, we can aggregate the results and use them to provide a profile of the entire cohort that enables our clients to do two things.  First, it allows them to determine which learners need development before they engage in new learning programs and which learners have minor readiness issues that compliance with their Individual Support Programs while they are learning will resolve.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, it allows us to form a detailed profile of the chosen learner cohort.  This profile identifies elements that must be present, either in the delivery of the learning program or in the methodology of the knowledge acquisition of the individual learners, to ensure that the cohort is successful.

The profile reveals the breakdown of the types of learners there are in your cohort and explains what they need to be included in their course delivery to maximise their engagement.  This means that organisations can negotiate with their training provider to include information and learning activities that best fit their cohort’s profile.  This ensures that the training delivery doesn’t just meet the cohort’s content needs, it meets their delivery needs too.

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Have you ever sat in a class or lecture and wondered why such an interesting topic is boring you to tears? If you have, you’re definitely not alone. Many students struggle to maintain interest levels while attending the delivery portions of their learning programs, whether they be lectures, workshops, classes or tutorials – even when the underlying topic they are studying is perfectly aligned to their personal interests.

The fact is that it’s simply not enough to be interested in the topic being presented to you. You also need to be engaged in the learning process. The sad thing is that many students don’t understand what it takes to get themselves engaged in learning, so they resort to explaining bad results away to a boring lecturer or lack of talent. While those things can be part of the problem, it’s just as often to do with a poor fit between their engagement needs and the method of delivery, which disengages the student and leads to a lack of effort. Researchers such as Carol Dweck from Stanford University have found that there’s a clear connection between effort and success. While talent helps, the biggest difference is made by the effort learners put into their programs. So the solution is simple – engagement leads to effort and effort equals success.

The good news is that you are in control of your engagement and we can help you exercise that control in the right areas to boost your engagement with the information regardless of how your learning program is delivered. Naturally, once you understand your engagement needs, you can select learning programs that are delivered in a way that will best suit you. However, if you can’t find one that meets your growth objectives, you can still make what’s available work for you.

One of the many uses for your learner readiness analysis is that it reveals your engagement needs – the elements you need present in your learning program in order to be willing to put in the effort to make the most of it. We can investigate your learner readiness results further and use them to extrapolate the elements you need in a learning program.  You can then use this report as a guide when deciding how and what to study.

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