Communication Enhancement

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Communication Enhancement

English is the current lingua franca of international business and, despite the rise of powerful companies in many countries where English isn’t spoken as widely, a recent study* suggests that it is likely to remain so for the foreseeable future.  If your organisation wishes to trade internationally, it is imperative that your representatives are able to understand their foreign counterparts and convey their thoughts effectively.  Poor communication is likely to lead to poor negotiation and poor negotiation lowers profitability due to missed or under-exploited opportunities.

In addition, a key learner readiness factor for many organisations is language mastery.  Most triple-bottom-line organisations see the need to invest in developing their staff and are prepared to commit money to do so.  Unfortunately, in situations where the language of instruction is English but the learner’s native language is not, even the most eager of learners struggle to access the information presented to them and apply it in their work.  The result is wasted training dollars, which is bad for business not only because the money could have been put to better use but because the personnel the organisation has sought to develop and retain don’t realise their potential and may begin to look elsewhere.

The difficulty that most organisations face is where to find solutions to their communication and language mastery deficits.  While there are many excellent training organisations that offer a range of development opportunities, few of them undertake extensive pre-training assessments to determine whether the learners in each cohort are ready for the courses they provide.  This is most likely not due to them ignoring the problem but more a question of them not having the specialist knowledge to know that it exists.

At Thorne Moir, we identify language mastery gaps that are at the root of communication problems and wasted training opportunities.  From our detailed assessments, we deliver tailored programs designed to remove the barriers to learning and bridge the mastery gaps so that your business can capitalise on every opportunity that requires communication for success.

Don’t let the language gaps lower your bottom line and govern your profitability.  Contact us to see how we can help.