Australian Organisation that want to recruit and retain the best staff possible to compete in the Australian market invest thousands of dollars in developing their employees.  Unfortunately, due to readiness or engagement issues, these dollars are often wasted because the employees being developed either never take on the information or struggle to implement it.

We solve these training ROI issues by providing organisations with the following services: Learner Readiness Testing

Our forensic readiness testing identifies factors that diminish learner engagement and reduce learner success. The result: a greater understanding of whether your business is likely to benefit from training you provide your cohort at any given time.

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Our unique approach to needs analysis focuses on the elements that must be present to ensure your learner group is engaged in whatever training your HR department has determined your organisation needs. The result: a higher ROI for your training dollars.

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Our Individual Support Programs, tailored to learner needs, remove the barriers to learning identified in our learner readiness analysis. The results: engagement with training programs, higher success rates, greater implementation of learning and a higher ROI from training investment.

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