About Us

About Us

Thorne Moir is an Australian-based consulting firm that specialises in communication support and educational forensic analysis.  We recognise that problems with business process and communication often arise from poor or non-existent communication.  Likewise, we understand that problems with learning arise when a learner’s ability to communicate is restricted. We aim to maximise return on investment for organisations that spend time and money developing their staff by providing executive teams with information on their employees’ level of learner readiness and communication capability. Further, we assist organisations to make the information available in their corporate communication materials more accessible to their target audiences, both nationally and internationally.  We support training in organisations through analyses of materials and facilitation techniques and help them to implement best-practice standards in their communication.

Thorne Moir’s executive team includes:

Matthew Thorne

Managing Director

After graduating with degrees in business and Japanese, Matthew spent time in Japan working for local government as both an assistant language teacher and translator/interpreter.  Upon returning to Australia, Matthew held language-specific sales and management roles for Australian and Japanese companies operating in both Melbourne and Sydney.  Deciding to move into the education sector, Matthew worked with large corporations such as QANTAS, Telstra and Westpac to facilitate upskilling of their staff through apprenticeships and traineeships.  During this time, he developed an interest in training and decided to pursue work as a vocational education and training facilitator in business and management.

Matthew’s role in Thorne Moir sees him at the centre of business planning, strategy and negotiation.  Having taught and learned in Japanese gives him a keen insight into the necessity of clear communication as an indispensable part of business process.


Hollie Thorne

Operations Director

Hollie started working as an instructional designer while she was studying a degree in journalism and creative writing after returning from an 18 month sojourn in Europe.  During her time overseas as a volunteer, she taught lifestyle courses and English in French.  After moving to Sydney, Hollie found work as a vocational trainer in a government-funded Language, Literacy and Numeracy program.  From there she progressed into several senior administrative and academic roles that required both program coordination and instructional design.  These included Pacific Region Training Coordinator for a US-based direct marketing company and Distance Learning Coordinator and Head of Department for a Sydney-based college.

Hollie’s role in Thorne Moir involves researching, planning, developing and implementing our professional services.  Hollie’s experience with conversing and teaching in French provides a valuable perspective on how successful communication leads to effective business operations and learning.


Bronwen Moir

Education Director

Bronwen began her career in education more than 30 years ago and she has taught in primary, vocational and higher education institutions.  She has served as a Principal in two different schools, during which she earned a Master’s Degree in Education, and as a lecturer and Course Co-ordinator for Charles Sturt University.  While with the university, Bronwen wrote and delivered the Communication package for Policing at the NSW Police College.  Bronwen spent several years as a curriculum developer and instructional designer across many disciplines including language, literacy and numeracy and ESL.  She has experience in internal auditing for quality in both corporate training and government-based vocational education programs.

Bronwen’s role at Thorne Moir involves ensuring that our learning-based services are based on current educational best practice standards.  Bronwen is integrally involved in quality checking and continuous improvement.


Peter Moir

Communications Director

Peter has had a long and varied career, ending with his role as Head of Academic Support at the NSW Police College.  During his tenure at the College, he spent several years as a senior lecturer in both Management and Aboriginal and Multicultural Affairs.  While working in these capacities, Peter edited and contributed to a textbook on policing that is still in use today.  He is responsible for much of the improvement in rapport between minority communities and the police during the 1990s and early 2000s.  Peter holds a Master’s Degree in Politics, specialising in ethics and qualifications in advanced journalism and program development and evaluation.  He is also an accredited Myers Briggs consultant. This gives him a keen insight into the ideas behind communication and how best to put those in both written and spoken communication.

Peter’s role at Thorne Moir involves analysing communication needs and determining how best to put messages so they are most effectively received.  Peter’s expertise underpins our training needs analysis and program development and evaluation services.