A little punch goes a long way in business communication.  Our team of experienced writers and editors can put some pizzazz in your business copy!

We will support you in reaching your communication objectives by helping you clarify your writing brief, editing your copy or producing copy for you.  We can help with anything from marketing materials to organisational reports – you just specify the content and style conventions and we’ll do the rest.

Contact us today to see how we can inject a touch of creativity into your business communication.



Got great facilitators but low repeat business? Let us develop your trainers’ capacity to meet their learners’ engagement needs.

Or perhaps the problem is your materials. Let us help you differentiate from other training organisations by optimising your training materials.



Not getting the results you worked hard for?  Feel like you’re just ‘not getting it’? We specialise in helping you get the best from your courses by identifying any barriers to learning you’re experiencing and any reasons you find it difficult to engage with your course.

We can also help you achieve your goals with targeted learner support.

Contact us today to organise a pre-learning assessment and individual support program.



Learner readiness and learner engagement make all the difference to your training ROI.  Thorne Moir’s pre-training assessment process helps maximise your training budget.

Ready to invest in your people? Let us help you find out if your people are ready for the investment.



For international organisations looking to develop their employees to the highest standards, our services are available by arrangement.

If you wish to engage our services to provide learner readiness testing, engagement needs analysis, learner support or English language mastery, we are able to negotiate competitive packages that include our representatives travelling to your place of business to meet with you and your employees.

For international training providers, we can easily analyse your materials from our offices here in Australia.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you boost your training ROI or develop your training materials.